An exclusive internet connection for your company is a single Leased line. It is quicker, more reliable, and more robust as compared to other types of connections. The speed which is promised is always the speed that will be received as the sole user will be you. A low latency rate is the best feature that attracts every user. Small, medium and Large businesses, all are using Leased Lines Internet connection.

Why is leased Line considered a standard Internet connection?

A fibre optic leased line transmits data at the speed of light by sending light pulses down a connection made entirely of fibre optics. Due to speed and connectivity, employees waste their time. It kills small businesses as timely delivery gets affected. For a long-term perspective, Leased Lines, the standard internet connection is used.

Why do businesses prefer leased lines more?

Everything nowadays is being increasingly digitised. To meet the requirements for ease of work life and make business associations productive, a stable and secure internet connection is always required. Speed, reliability and security are what every internet service should have. Internet leased line connections have become more popular among businesses as they are dedicated bandwidth with good speed which makes business data transactions more speedy. The interruption that wifi provides never avail in Leased Lines. It provides better quality services and that too at a low cost.

For example, if the download speed is 50Mbps, the upload speed will also be 50Mbps.

Avail Enhanced Security with Leased Line Internet

When compared to other alternatives, Leased Line Internet has much higher security. These are also called “Private Lines'' as no information is shared on public networks. No public traffic means no vulnerability. It comes with a Static IP. Data exposure risk is always minimal as it has a layered approach to protect all of your entry points. You always get good security with a low Internet leased line price.

Leased Line Internet is commonly used for

  • Employees and other staff members can
    easily work from their personal computers at home.
  • Linking computers and servers in various and
    unique workplaces and establishing connections between them
  • Phone calls can be placed and carried.
  • Established Internet Connection.

How does Leased Lines Internet work?

Leased Line Internet is an allocated circuit which is in between the two points of communication. Sending light pulses down a fibre optic cable is how fibre optic leased lines operate. The device at the other end of the fibre-optic connection controls whether the light is on or off when transferring data down it. After that, it will recognise the data, record it, and store it. The technology used in Fibre Optic Broadband is the same technology used in Leased Lines Internet Connection. They sidestep all types of issues by providing a synchronous connection.

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